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Networking of cross-border care structures

The Hospital Society of Saxony is facing the challenges of internationalizing the health and labor market.

In particular, the geographical location in the border triangle with Poland and the Czech Republic prompted numerous hospital operators to work together with health care providers outside of Saxony. The Hospital Society of Saxony is a member of the German-Polish Health Academy.

In addition to the networking of cross-border care structures, the hospital company Saxony is also involved in the recruitment of medical specialists in Germany and abroad.

The Krankenhausgesellschaft Sachsen e.V. (KGS) currently represents 65 members as a state association in the Free State of Saxony, which includes 78 hospitals at 117 locations with around 26,000 hospital beds, and we guarantee efficient, local and comprehensive care in the Free State of Saxony.

With 55,000 employees and a turnover of approx. 4 billion euros, the hospitals fulfill an important employer function and also make an important contribution to the health economy in the Free State of Saxony. Every year over 1 million patients are treated in hospital. Numerous outpatient treatment options complement the range of services offered by the hospitals.

In accordance with the statutes, the hospital society of Saxony is committed to promoting efficient and needs-based hospital care.

In doing so, it works towards „humane, humane, needs-based, efficient, economical and financially secure care by humanely responsible hospitals with a self-employed organization with a multiple support structure“.

The focus of the tasks is the participation in the representation of the hospitals and thus the inpatients treated against the state and other institutions in the health care system: through participation in appropriate committees and working groups, the submission of comments and suggestions on hospital-related questions, the advice and support of Member hospitals, promoting the exchange of information and experience in the field of hospital care.